Green Star Laundry LLC

Welcome to Green Star Laundry LLC!

We provide a clean safe and family friendly environment.

Green star is here to make one of life’s unending chores- laundry – faster easier and maybe even pleasant!

No matter the size of your load you can get in and out of our large, clean laundry in under an hour. Plus you won’t even need Quarters. Our state-of-the-art high-efficiency latest-technology washers and dryers accept laundry cards. Our customer friendly laundry card (cyber wash) system acts much like a debit card from a bank. It allows you to add value to your smart card using $1, $5, $10, $20 Dollar bills. You simply load your laundry card with the desired amount, and then swipe your card in the machine you wish to use throughout the laundry. The cards are reusable so whatever balance remaining can be used on your next visit. Our cards eliminate the hassle of carrying coins and a need of bill changers.


Laundry at Green Star provides you with an experience that feels less like a chore. Our laundromat has comforts and convenience to make your laundry time easy and pleasant! Here’s a look at what we can do for you: come in and enjoy!

  • 4 flat screens HD smart TVS
  • free wi-fi
  • ADA compliant clean restroom
  • snacks and beverages
  • all day today’s hits radio music
  • very clean working environment
  • plenty of easy well-lit parking
  • brand name selection of supplies

Imagine: you do all of your laundry- in under an hour! Yes, and you get to kick back and browse the web or catch up on your shows while you do.


Yes we have a big laundromat: 38 washers and 40 dryers of fast – moving machinery so you never have to wait to start a load, and never have to wait long for it to finish.our goal is to satisfy our customer’s ! To take a task no body wants to do – laundry- and make it fast,easy even pleasant so you can get to your life.
Most of all our prices are the best in town!!!

  • Top load washers (15lbs)———$1.99
  • Double load front washers(20lbs)-$2.55
  • Triple load front washers( 30lbs)-$3.75
  • Four load front washers(40lbs)—-$4.75
  • Six load front washers(60lbs)—-$5.95
  • Dryers (30lbs)———-$1.00–35 min

Take Pride

At the green star , we take pride in offering service that help environment, Our state of the art, large capacity machines save time, energy and water.

  • All of our front loading machines save between 30-50% of The water you would use to wash the same load of Laundry in a house hold top-load washer.
  • When using our power load washer, you would be saving 57% of the energy you would use to Wash the same load of laundry in a house hold Top-load washers.

Green Star Laundry